April 17, 2008

Hello my darling dears

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 And welcome to my little world of sex, tech and money. This isn’t the sort of world one would stumble upon every day. Some might find it a fascinating place. Others might harbor the notion that it is, well, unsavory, to say the least.

But for those who are interested I believe the tales of my experiences will indeed lend insight into the human condition. Because in my life as a high-end escort I can guarantee I’ve learned some things that will shed some light on the male mind and those individuals who imagine themselves to be connoisseurs of women. Laughably so, I’m afraid. But the strange and fantastic notions that live in their heads is really the most fascinating part of this secret world.

And it is a secret world. I’ve never told anyone about what I do. I operate completely independently. I have a normal life – with work and friends and dating and will never let these two worlds come together. Prostitution is illegal in the US. Prostitution. It’s a word I don’t like to use. I am merely offering my “companionship”. Others may not agree and that’s their prerogative. I like to think I’m a completely different species from the crack smoking streetwalkers who put themselves in grave danger every time they offer a punter a blowjob. Worlds away.

What I’ve discovered, being a much-sought-after, higher end escort, is that it’s all about psychology, not sex. The sex is such a small part of it all. What swirls around in men’s minds surrounding sex is everything. And of course most men are completely unaware of this. Certainly the men who pay for sex. They’re bound up in still-pubescent fantasies of women who will eagerly meet their every physical desire. It’s mostly about breasts and body parts in their heads. Quantity over quality. And imagining themselves to possess incredible sexual prowress for an hour.

I’ve met men from all over the world. But of course being based in the epicenter of technology I’ve had my fair share of interaction with some of the biggest names in the industry. Of course I have no intention of naming names! I’m simply going to relate events as they unfold, for your edification and education.

And what about me? A common question I get from my “clients” is “how did you ever start doing this?” You see, I’m not the typical woman who sells her body for money. I’m not financing a drug habit, I have a professional career, I’m smart, healthy and have a university degree that I’ve put to good use. I travel the world and have a decent knowledge of cultures and current events. And am becoming more and more obsessive about technology. So why do I do it?

Because I always thought I’d be good at it. And I am.

There have been other smart women who do what I’ve been doing – enjoying a little sideline that exists on an entirely separate orbit from their normal life, who have written about their experiences. And I’ve read their memoirs. But the stories they relate don’t seem to be very honest to me. Even if they’ve not been driven to the “profession” through circumstance and like myself are not a part of the darker underbelly of the industry, I don’t believe for one minute that they are just enjoying sexual liberation and being paid for it. Belle du Jour is a good example. As if all the men she actually saw were good looking, fit and uber-wealthy. For the most part the men who participate in this sort of play are middle-aged, overweight, and have long ago given up on any sort of fitness or grooming regime.

She probably got the loneliness part right. Insofar as it’s true it’s not the sort of thing you can talk with your girlfriends about. But one would only be lonely if they let the secret lifestyle become their entire world.

My goal is to be honest. To show exactly what my experience of sleeping with men for money has been.

I’m hoping women will read this blog. If nothing else to give them a better understanding of what goes on in the minds of their husbands and boy friends.

And so, my darlings, I’ll leave you for now but do look forward to sharing more, Soon.

Fille x




  1. Hoof said,

    I look forward to reading more. It is a world that most of us do not come in contact with. Or maybe I am the only one and everybody is pointing and laughing at me right at this very moment.
    Or maybe they are just jealous of my athletic figure and perfect smell…

  2. Zolliker said,

    It seems interesting, will keep coming back

  3. Miles deLawler said,

    Hmmmm….sounds familiar. Wonder where I have seen a site like this before…

  4. Well written I always enjoy the conversational method of writing it gives the writing an intimate and personal perspective much like sitting over a drink and just talking to a friend.

  5. newmediaMike said,

    I look forward to reading more and finding out more about the enigmatic Fille.

  6. Pico Seno said,

    this is about sex for money in tech industry, I presume.
    Proficiat! This is original.

  7. chrispugh said,

    Interesting concept for a blog, I look forward to reading about your escapades.

  8. Sarah said,

    i’m a woman, working in the tech industry as well, looking forward to your posts and knowing what’s going in men’s minds 😉

  9. filledeloyer said,

    Great to have the ladies checking in! Thanks for visiting Sarah. I guarantee there will be some interesting tidbits.

  10. angela said,

    yep, also a woman here, working in the tech industry too. always was curious about all the elements and aspects that encompass the kind of service that you do. somewhere along those, i found the reasons why i wouldn’t want to marry any one guy out there :P. ironically enough, some of these factors also made me confirm my own reasons why it is okay for women to go for the companionship service route, since it is a choice they wanted made.

    anyway, are you sure belle du jour’s “…just enjoying sexual liberation and being paid for it” isn’t true? maybe it is. but anyway, i just might be a little too naive 🙂

    anyway, really hoping for an rss syndicate, hehehe. take care fille.

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