April 18, 2008

Random Phone Call From J.

Posted in my life as an escort tagged , at 8:30 pm by filledeloyer

“hello, this is Fille.”

“hi. I saw your ad online and was wondering if you’re taking any appointments today.”

“Great! Thanks for calling. Actually I am. What time were you interested in getting together?”

“I was hoping 1:30?”

“I can be available at 1:30. Tell me, J. what is it you do for a living? I just like to know so that we can have something to talk about. And I like to know a little bit about new clients before we meet.”

“I’m in property development. I’m 47 and I like to think I’m in good shape. I’m 208 pounds, six foot two.”

“OK great. I know lots of people in commercial property development. So, how much time did you want to spend together?”

“Well, how much do you charge?”

“My rate is $___.00 per hour.”

“Whoa. That’s kind of steep. I wasn’t expecting that. What does that include?”

“Well, there will be no circus animals. And I don’t do windows. I think you can appreciate that I can’t go into specifics over the phone (moron). It will include anything the two of us would like to get up to in the amount of time you choose.”

“I mean, well… what about multiple times?”

“Well, I’m more about quality than quantity (ignoramus). I believe in making the experience really sensual and fun. But if you were to, well, “finish” early, provided  it’s not 10 minutes to the time you’ve booked then I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

“It’s just that I’ve heard…”

“What have you heard?”

“Well I shouldn’t have a problem with that. It’s just that I don’t want to finish a half hour early and then, you know, it’s all over.” 

“hmmm. You haven’t read my reviews have you? I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you get back in touch after you read them? There’s a lot of great information on my site. I’m sure that will answer any questions you might have. Mmmbye.”




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