April 19, 2008

Random Email

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:22 pm by filledeloyer

Here’s a random email that arrived in my inbox. This gives you some idea of the mindset an escort like myself has to deal with. It’s obviously in response to an ad I have running in London. Of course I couldn’t possibly dignify it with a response. 

For the record, my breasts are a full and luscious natural 34C. Where he gets his information I do not know. Note the little tag line at the end. Haha! Based on my experience I’d say this gentleman has a difficult time maintaining an erection.

“£___.00 for an A cup… .get real!

Colin Mac______

Wherever you are, Colin – god bless ya! Also, you might want to think about getting a hobby. And all you girls out there, remember – the bigger your breasts are, the more you’re worth! According to Colin, anyway. Go deep, Colin, go deep!


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