April 22, 2008

My Very First Time

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So. I’d received a few emails from gentlemen interested in getting together. But there were two things I needed to make certain of:

1. I was not going to meet anybody who was unsavory
2. I was not going to give anybody any indication at all of where I lived

Obviously my personal safety was first and foremost. I needed to safeguard both my identity and my person. And being new to all of this I was perhaps overly cautious at the start. Of course it never pays to be too careful. Frankly I had no idea what I was getting myself into so I imagined all the worst case scenarios and then made sure my actions precluded any disasters.

I decided that the way to minimize my risk of meeting anyone who was completely repulsive was to ask the guys who contacted me to send me their photos. At the time my standards were pretty high. Not too old, not too fat, not too ugly. No mustaches! A surprising number of guys did send their photos in those early days. Of course I promised to keep any information I had about them absolutely sacred. And I did. After all, I expected the same in return.

Now, what about location? I had done some research online and realized that my options were limited. Since it wasn’t going to happen at my place and I wasn’t going to anybody’s residence, the guy needed to get a hotel room or as I’d read someplace online, he could go for the less expensive option – the hottubs.

Do you remember when going to the hottubs was considered a fun thing to do with friends or a romantic/sexy thing to do on a date? Know this now: Never go to the hottubs again!

I chose my very first client, a married chinese guy who was in the garment business. At the time I was considering starting up a surfing inspired clothing line so we had a lot to chat about on the phone. We agreed to meet at a cafe outside the Berkeley hottubs. I packed an assortment of condoms into my handbag and crossed the bay bridge to Berkeley. I found the cafe and ordered a soda as I waited.

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say I was nervous. But he was so great on the phone and sounded so lovely and normal that I wasn’t uncomfortable. If I remember correctly I was wearing a sort of turqoise top with a deep V neck and a brown pencil skirt and brown strappy leather sandals. Certainly nothing that would be construed as overtly sexy. The one thing I did not want to do was draw any unnecessary attention to myself.

When he arrived I knew him instantly. I have to tell you I was so lucky to have had him for my first client. He was personable and handsome and in great shape. And obviously attracted to me. It could have gone any number of different directions. The gods were smiling down on me, that’s certain.

I waited for him to get a private room in the hottubs place and then he called me with the room number. If I wanted to I could back down now but why the hell should I?

I’d never actually been to hottubs before. When I entered the room, that was maybe 10 by 10 feet, there he was waiting for me. I asked if we could take care of business first, which we did. Nothing trumps cash money. It was all so simple. We kissed. We explored. I sucked his smallish but hard cock. We had sex on the mattress/bench. As is the case with so many of the men I’ve seen he was a bit too rough but with a little guidance we sorted that out. Afterwards, which is also the case with many of the men I’ve seen, he was very affectionate toward me. It was nice. He told me I was sexy and terrific, etc., etc. and to expect another call from him soon.

Our time was soon up so we got dressed and I left the room first. Walked back to my car. Started the engine. And I thought “that was like falling off a log”.

Fille x



  1. Singen said,

    Great post again. Yeah, the hot tub thing sounds pretty skeevy. Not sure what might be floating around in there, and you know something likely is.

  2. Sarah said,

    was starting this “thing” a fantasy you’ve had??
    i have to say i’d never have the guts to start something like that, or if i did, i would not talk about it on a blog(!)

    i find it interesting that you are blogging about it though, lol.

    you remind of Cherry pop, a sex columnit back then for the Seattle Weekly:

    she eventually stopped…


  3. filledeloyer said,

    hello, Sarah

    first, let me say I always love to get a woman’s comments and feedback. the reality is I’m writing this blog for women. I want them to see what (some) men get up to.

    was this ever my fantasy? no, never. I just imagined I’d be good at it. and by the looks of my calendar I must be doing something right!

    my fantasies usually involve myself and five or six really well built guys with blurry faces. I like to keep it simple ; )

  4. Sarah said,

    it sounds like you’re thinking most women don’t know their men, could you elaborate about that in a post maybe? or why you’d like women to read this blog.

    I hope other women will come here too, see what they have to say~~

  5. filledeloyer said,

    I absolutely don’t think that most women don’t know their men. But some women don’t know what their men are getting up to. I hope it’s a limited percent of the general population.

    And like I’ve mentioned in my posts, the men who do this seem to fit a definite profile.

  6. holly said,

    I know a bit about pools and hot tubs, and I have to say it’s shocking that everyone that enters one doesn’t walk away with, at BEST, conjunctivitis. At worst, what, smallpox? Your guess is as good as mine. No thanks!
    As always, the entry has me laughing so hard I’m freaking out the other restaurant patrons.
    As to hotels, I always pay the first 50, which gives the gent his choice of hotel level, while avoiding the skeevy ones. My fave lately is a new green hotel with a funky, loft-come-hotel-zaza feel. Tres enticing!

  7. filledeloyer said,

    Love your feedback on the blog! I have to say I’ve chosen to not make the acquaintance of any other escorts – I have spoken to a couple on the phone but they’re either:

    a. hard as nails
    b. all flippy-dippy “they’re all lovely guys underneath”
    c. just plain whack.

    It’s nice to hear from someone else who’s got a good head on her shoulders and sees the humor in the situation. Glad you also recognize the repugnance as well.

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