April 25, 2008

Even Escorts Get “The Spam”

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:21 pm by filledeloyer

This spammer made me laugh out loud! Seriously, are they using babelfish to translate? Kooky spammers!

“Hello dear user mail service Yahoo!

Recently, on the server Yahoo! a lot of mailboxes used for the SPAM. In this regard, started active work on their detection and removal from the server.

At the moment all the mailboxes with suspicious names, including yours, have been entered in the blacklist, and each user required to undergo re-authorization at the following link https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?&.src=id1192168894000r535700859b4b43aa0d6919.

After re-authorise your mailbox automatically excluded from the blacklist, because these actions, you confirm reading this letter, which could not happen at the mailbox-spammers.

Since May 2008 all the mailboxes left in the black list will be removed from the server that will cause a serious blow to the organizations and make spamming mail Yahoo! cleaner.

Remember, if you come letter clearly promotional, for which you did not give its consent, you have the opportunity to complain about SPAM. Yahoo! Administration is studying all complaints and modifies filtering algorithms for new types of SPAM.”



  1. John said,

    Well I’m convinced. I’d click the link.

  2. Crom said,

    You have won 1 million pounds sterling from a lottery you didn’t enter, in a country you don’t live in, held by an organization that doesn’t exist.

    Please your information bank give us,

    Casper Uwondo-alith, Prince of the Kingdom of Gorang

  3. James said,

    You need to be careful, of course; last year, I received a letter purporting to be my credit card company querying a suspicious transaction. The print quality was appalling, on very cheap curly paper: “oh dear, the 419 people are trying snail mail scams now!” I thought. Of course, it was actually genuine: an enterprising waitress at a local restaurant had taken my Visa card number out for a day’s online gambling.

    Talking of appearances, I love the new design, Fille! Very elegant.

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