April 25, 2008

Random Email from Overenthusiastic Client

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:00 am by filledeloyer

Oh yes. I’ll be thinking of you constantly. Uh huh. (see email below) I’m always a bit taken aback when clients get a bit too emotionally entangled with me. I always keep my emails short and sweet so that I don’t encourage it. here’s an example of one client who really makes the most of his fantasy. I actually hate getting emails from clients unless they’re to set up an appointment. It’s just really creepy.

“Hi Fille,
Just thinking of you – again – and wanted you to know that. I love it that you are nearby. It makes everything better. Thank you, Fille, for being you – for being so gorgeous, and for being such a perfect, sublime lover. You are truly one in a million.

Your email exchanges are hard to fathom sometimes. I sincerely do miss you and value our very special friendship, Sweetie. I’m going to miss you next week too, sadly (I don’t get back until late Tuesday). Maybe we just need to set a date when you get back, no matter how far away that is… it will give me something to look forward to.

Fille, my love goes with you and I hope your trip is safe, productive, and adventurous. I sure hope you’ll think of me, I’ll certainly be thinking of you.

Best Wishes, Darling…



  1. Singen said,

    Question: what is your take on the girl calling the client? Got one of those the other day, and have had several others do the same thing. Just checking in, or “outbound marketing”? They just want to see what I’m up to etc. Hmmm

  2. filledeloyer said,

    hmmm. I don’t ever call clients. it’s bad form. I’m fortunate that I’ve got a very stable clientele so there aren’t too many dry spells. I don’t want them calling to chat and I so I don’t. I do send a text whenever I arrive in town. I’ve only had one client ask me to not do that and of course I honor his wishes.

  3. Virgil said,

    Regardless of your arrangement i think these kind of emails are creepy.. But this guy has truely lost it..

  4. John said,

    I don’t agree that this guy has lost it. I think this is entirely typical of how a man thinks. Many, perhaps most, men are insanely romantic underneath it all. They want to fall in love. We all want to be loved and accepted. By doing business with him Fille makes him feel accepted for who he is. And it’s easy to confuse sex for love, especially when we might be feeling unloved or lonely for whatever reason. For this guy that comfortable feeling of acceptance and affection is gives him considerable comfort. I wouldn’t be surprised to find he thinks about Fille rather a lot. The world he’s in with her is probably much nicer to him than the real world.

    That old adage about guys thinking about sex every 6 seconds – not entirely true. They might, indeed think about women or partners or lovers that often but many of those times it’s not about the sex. It’s just as likely to be thinking about the warm feelings of being loved and accepted for who we are.

    All men are little boys inside. Everyone is insecure. We seek approval and acceptance.

  5. Virgil said,

    John – i don’t dissagree with anything you say – enlightened words as we are all insecure little boys at heart.. But.. Surely this is a case of seperating reality from fantasy. Insecurity shouldn’t come in the way of that. During his time with the lovely Fille it would be fair game to act out the girlfried fantasy, but sending this sort of stuff outside of that isn’t satisfying his need for acceptance if these messages go unaswered..

    I can only imagine it will make Fille more hesitant to see him again if he is under a false impression that there is uncertainty about the boundaries of this agreement. Again, not really satisfying this need for acceptance..

    In my humble opinion.. I may be wrong. V

  6. holly said,

    Please tell me that’s not the same J. Of the random phone call!!!

  7. filledeloyer said,

    For me being asked to respond to these “romantic” emails or even read them is beyond the call of duty. It’s not in my brief. If I were one of those girls charging thousands of dollars for a couple of hours I’d do it in a second. But truly, I don’t want to hear from someone unless it’s to book an appointment. Sometimes it’s difficult enough to muster up any enthusiasm during the hour or two that I’m required to do it.

    Perhaps that’s insensitive on my part but the rules of the game are simple. You pay, you play. Otherwise I consider it a big waste of my time. Such a mercenary, I know! ; )

  8. filledeloyer said,

    @holly – who knows. There are so many idiots out there that it isn’t even worth the time to distinguish between them, n’est-ce pas?

  9. John said,

    Virgil – of course you’re dead right. But not all of us are that clear thoughted, particularly people who feel especially insecure. And that’s my point exactly. The more insecure we are the less clear we can be about separating fantasy and reality. And all men are insecure to some degree.

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