April 28, 2008

Another Random Email: Sex & Art

Posted in 1 at 4:29 pm by filledeloyer

I see – so sex helps you PAINT! ahhh. This is a flowerly, convoluted way of saying “I need to get laid” and his attempt to justify it.

“Hello, Fille…

I am a married professional visual artist (painter) with over 30 years
of practice.

It is my belief as well as experience that nurturing the link between
Eros and the Creative is essential to a sustainable and vital studio

In the recent past, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved
in a series of perfectly lovely clandestine “affairs”—-and, of
course, within each and every one of those relationships, there were
wonderful, bright, erotic and sensual moments that stimulated the
acute sense of aliveness that artists (and most humans, I would wager)
avidly seek.

The down side—the societal taboos, the erosion of my primary
relationship, and the division caused by the constant contingencies of
frenzied and furtive assignations undermined the positive aspects of
clandestine erotics by draining away energy that needed to be spent in
the act of painting.

During the last six months, I have discovered–aided by the purchase
of my first computer–a viable solution to the problem of finding a
muse: the Courtesan/Provider.

Very Nice!

The first woman that I met with was fantastic and the chemistry (a
tricky component to match up) was volatile, musical, and beautiful.

Alas, she had to leave the Bay Area and return to the East Coast.

Later that same email….

Standing on the loading dock of my studio, I can just make out the
name of a juggernaut of a vehicle-carrying ship (it appears to be ten
stories high!): “Trust Fortune”.

What else can I say?

See you tomorrow.




  1. Mark said,

    What a load of crap this guy, seriously. Normally people start to paint to get laid, not vice versa… Works for me anyway. Anyway, the language he uses is too “artsy” to make a convincing artist.

  2. Holly said,

    It smacks of “Holly’s HS Poetry”. Granted, I won awards and slams pretty frequently (and financed 3/4 of one senior-level foreign language class with my winnings … college, sheesh), but in the genius of retrospect, my stuff was 1) way too flowery, though not near as fruity as this guy’s fluff, and 2) SERIOUSLY pretentious. Like I knew ANYTHING about love or human nature when I graduated HS at 16. *snrk* I’ve learned that through my pursuits as a courtesan, LOL.

  3. John said,

    Holly – do you still write poetry now?

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