April 28, 2008

White Suit Guy at Web 2.0

Posted in 1 at 3:58 pm by filledeloyer

One man of style at Web 2.0

As I’ve already said, British and European men are leagues ahead of American men when it comes to style. An American man wouldn’t be caught dead in a pink shirt let alone this uber-confident all white ensemble.



  1. y5 said,

    I’ve worn all white and pink before. Not everyone can actually pull it off though.

  2. Hoof said,

    I know that dude. He wears white a lot. And does a lot of web conferencing as well… http://www.flickr.com/photos/thenextweb/

    I have seen hem wearing a pinks shirt OVER of his white suit. So that is some kind of record, I guess.

  3. […] with Fille at the Web2Expo but she refused. Then, one evening, she sent me this photo. I guess we did meet after all, I just didn’t know it… call-girl, fille de loyer, filledeloyer, high tech, […]

  4. John said,

    There’s style and then there’s screaming for attention. If you ask me this guy is firmly the latter. He certainly must be confident, though.

  5. Marc Canter said,

    ask him to cook you mussels the next time you’re in Amsterdam

  6. Vlad said,

    I like the guy’s ensemble who is sitting to the right of him. The drum set t-shirt is awesome!

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