May 2, 2008

29 And a Lot to Learn

Posted in 1 at 5:42 pm by filledeloyer

Some of my clients I see pretty frequently. Others I might see once or twice per year. Wednesday night I met with client whom I hadn’t seen in about a year. I don’t keep a massive database on my clients, for their protection and for mine. But I do keep notes on my calendar that correspond to bookings. Here are a few examples:

“medical imager, asian guy with the mustache, loud tie and bad technique”

“older guy – used to own a small SF newspaper. Not capable. will see again”

“from cleveland, on boards, interested in travel”

“vc super nice guy – has a flat in london – knows the head woman at simon and schuster”

“chinese dentist – sensitive skin – almost a dwarf”

My god, looking at these now makes me laugh! At any rate, I need to keep some sort of data so that I know who I don’t want to see in the future. Like this guy:

“computer guy with motorcycle, not able to finish – never again”

So it’s simple. I get a call and I do a phone number search on my calendar and whatever comes up helps jog my memory. If it was a good experience I put all the enthusiasm in my voice I can muster. If it’s a “never again”, then “I’m already booked. Sorry.”

Of course there are the problem clients whose numbers I’ve saved in my phone under the name “don’t answer”. There a quite a few of those.

So Wednesday I got a call from James. “Hmmmm. Which James is this?” I wonder. Easy enough to find out. Search… on…. James and I got:

“may want two hours, banker from indiana – just arriving in from Vegas, super cute and very young”

Great, I thought. I couldn’t remember exactly what he’d looked like but for me this was a rave review!

I was feeling quite a bit of anticipation as I jumped in a cab after the Techcrunch Iron Man screening (on a huge high from the film – those of you who know me from Twitter are well aware that I loved it!), arrived home and got ready for him.

When I opened the door I instantly recognized him. Really a handsome guy! We got comfy on my sofa and got caught up. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend and was really happy to see me. The chemistry was crackling all around us. I’d forgotten his age so he reminded me. 29. We’d done a couple of things he’d never tried before when we saw each other last time and he asked me to teach him something new this time.

Which I did. And that was fun : )

Fille x



  1. Holly said,

    I have 17 “Do no answer” entries of one stripe or another in my phone. I also counted 4 versions of “Stalker”. Your entries continue to slay me! Please keep it up.

  2. Hoof said,

    Fille, I hope you are just spending too much time entertaining men or working on other territories that keeps you from following up this great start you had. I hope there is no other reason you are working the suspense than having lots of other things to do.

    Two weeks is a lot of time for a common cold…

  3. angela said,

    Yep, agree with Hoof right there… 😦

  4. John said,

    Yeah – I’m starting to get worried about you.

  5. Singen said,

    I’m sad to see this site “blogfading”. It was one of the more original and interesting blogs in my collection of links.

    Fille – hope you’re ok, and hope you come back to writing sometime soon.

  6. Alex said,

    I agree… It’s been over a month. Hopefully all is well

  7. John said,

    Still checking back here once in a while. It would be nice to know you’re alive at well at least, even if you can’t blog any more.

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